Dear you,

On behalf of our Playful Skull community, I righteously consolidate our positive energy to welcome you to our groove.

Playful Skull is a lovingly curated stream of media for “cannabiminded” (and other “psyminded”) compatibility (albeit psychedelic drug intake isn’t required, if that fails to go without saying) — a different kind of journal conveniently promoting our dynamic flavor of entertainment with a carefully crafted ambiance preferably fit for an entertaining set and setting.

Postings include our homemade entertainment.

Postings also include wonderful works provided by other talented beings offering a style that fits our community.

Postings finally also include natural events that in effect offer that fitting style too.

Our style includes the element of surprise and other unique factors sometimes deviating to varying degrees from the trippy norm. In other words and for prime example, you’ll not be flooded with traditional/conservative psytrance here. There’s nothing wrong with such psytrance, and plenty of other places match that tradition to your desire. Our tradition is often about trippy creativity, which includes the curating process itself (and may include any freshly stellar psytrance piece that we may stumble upon).

Like a prism transforming white light into a rainbow of colors, to conveniently fit your desired focus, Playful Skull offers three “uniflows” — one for each media type focus…

  • Audio = Audiorama
  • Image = Imaginareum
  • Video = Videoverse

Our own videos are usually posted to our Playful Skull YouTube channel, which is patiently awaiting your subscription there.

Playful Skull is an entertainment ecosystem (or “enteco” for simpler communication)a term used to fully encompass the extremely flexible function and form of expression provided by the internet and offline experience, and one that includes the journal experience (including socializing) within that ecosystem as a perpetually flowing “wedia” event (combining media and community to whatever naturally desired ‘end that can only be the means’). In other words, an enteco is like an artificial reef, and can grow in whatever natural way (including your participation upon your interest towards that inviting path).

True artists indeed suffer for their art (a critical part of culture, which is a critical part of civility, so society), but true art suffers when artistic freedom is hindered by the absence of audience reciprocation. We can only ethically encourage you to support the artists that bring value to your life. That includes spreading their expression and responding with resources to nurture their professional evolution when it feels right.

We’re not promoting free art here, despite intuitive appearances promptly suggesting the contrary.

We’re promoting hard-earned artistic freedom in appreciation for all of the value that we’ve received from that freedom as creators and fans.

If you enjoy Playful Skull and want to thankfully reciprocate for most-positive synergy, then simply spread the Playful Skull love.


– Spirit Wave (a Playful Skull founder)

P.S. If we post your content, then we do that solely to nicely connect our community with you and your work (free promotion and community-expanding love). We all understand such posting does not necessarily mean that you support Playful Skull. If you feel that we violated coolness, and you want us to take down your post, then simply let us know (after proving your identity to avoid some stranger being an ass on your supposed behalf).

P.S.S. Speaking of being an ass, though it likely goes without saying (given how cool you likely are), please respect our positivity. Those who live by hate will technologically die by hate around these parts (the Spirit of Bouncers will properly address the situation likely by the power of blacklisting).

P.S.S.S. The Playful Skull name was chosen for its ease of remembrance and sharing. Several months after settling upon that name, an interesting and unforeseen coincidence appeared to me by way of name comparison with the Grateful Dead. Anything further on this front respectfully remains within the realm of your beliefs.

P.S.S.S.S. Due to an unfortunate experimentation with WordPress blog names (deleting playfulskull.wordpress.com awhile ago to the questionable eternal loss of that blog name), we went with noofeedoof.wordpress.com — though feel free to simply use: playfulskull.life

P.S.S.S.S.S. I love and appreciate WordPress.com overall (they’re a 99% fit for us and that’s really cool), but without the ability to decouple ‘category filter’ (i.e. uniflows) from ‘blog archives’ (i.e. a mode inconveniently removing embedded media from the post listing unfortunately), we’re considering building a fully custom Playful Skull experience preferably to secure 100% fan (e.g. preferably your) satisfaction, so please bare with the broken uniflows feature for now.

P.S.S.S.S.S.S. Though it probably goes without saying, we in no way encourage (and/or so on) unlawful drug intake (or such).

P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. Enough of this worded explanation, so into the main flow we go.

Feel free to hang out with us at our "wedia" stream here for "cannabiminded" (and other interested) folks.

Also feel free to learn more about us.

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